Casey Chadwick

"Roy Artorius"

This site

I am very proud to say that I hard coded this site entirely using HTML/HTML5, CSS, and PHP. It is actually running off the server used for my game's online multiplayer.

This site serves as both a portfolio for my work as well as a website for my "company" Master's Reality Project hence the odd url.

What and Where is Immortality?

Immortality is my upcoming game that I've been working on for quite some time. Currently, the game is in Pre-Alpha and, as such, it is not publically available and only a select few have access.

Why Roy Artorius?

Roy Artorius has, basically, become my professional name, at least on the internet. In fact, most of my friends know me as "Roy" so that's I generally prefer to go by, hence why Google has Roy as my nickname. Artorius is just name that I basically took from the game Dark Souls and it seemed like a good last name.